Friday, September 04, 2009

Framing the Discussion

Metro Morning just interviewed the huggy feel-good Yvonne Bambrick from Toronto Cyclists Union and the context they have put this tragedy in is one of cyclists rights and education: Should cyclists be licensed? How can cars and cyclists get along?

Of course, the feel gooder said cyclists need to feel more welcomed by society. Yup. That was her response to a question about how to help the problem of rampant ignorance of traffic rules. She went on to say, of course they need to obey rules, but they also need to break them to stay alive.

Hm Yvonne. Does include running red lights? Riding on sidewalks? Riding in oncoming lanes when its suits them to get around red lights?

Let's get it right people: the Bryant incident was about people and rage: assault. It had nothing to do with the mode of transportation each chose.

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Blogger Andrew W. said...

You're right about this, but it seems that it's too late - the message has been "fixed", so to speak, by the community and the media.

No wonder democracy is so much work, when it's so easy to get something like this fundamentally screwed up, why bother looking at the event itself?

8:21 AM, September 04, 2009  

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